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The Closing Process for the Seller

A summary of what takes place during the closing process for the Seller.

Your agent has found your house a buyer, and you the parties have agreed on all the terms and signed the contract. Now you need a closing agent to represent your interests in the closing. And by selecting MID SOUTH TITLE, you know that your interests will be looked out for and that we will strive to insure that your closing experience is efficient and pleasant.

Your agent will send the final executed contract to one of our convenient offices. Our pre-closing department set up a file and will contact you and your agent immediately to confirm receipt, as well as obtain information from you to help up get mortgage payoffs and any other lien releases. We will also let you know who your contact at MID SOUTH TITLE will be.

Your MID SOUTH TITLE contact will keep you up to date on the process, and work with you and your agent to set up a convenient time on the day of closing for you to come to our office and sign your paperwork.

One of our Attorneys will review the title work ordered by the Buyer’s closing agent, just to make sure that you are transferring a clean title to your property. MID SOUTH TITLE will also work to make sure that all prorations of property taxes and Association dues are fairly and equitably divided among the Buyer and Seller.

A Warranty Deed will be drafted for you to sign, transferring ownership of the property from you to the Buyer. This deed will be signed at closing, after which MID SOUTH TITLE will coordinate with the Buyer’s closing agent to handover the Warranty Deed in exchange for the proceeds due to you, the Seller. After qualified expenses are paid, the remaining funds will be transferred to you via your request (wire, check, deposit).

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