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About - Title

About – Title

In real estate, title is established through a professional examination of a quality title search report. Title should not just be assumed, for each transfer needs to be successfully created, so future transfers are also valid. An expert examination can find, and fix, previous title issues.

Not all settlement agents are equal. The truth is, many settlement agents have access to title production software, can open a file, create a settlement sheet and disburse funds. Not all settlement agents have the expert knowledge to handle title and contractual issues if they arise.

If you are a Buyer, Borrower or a Seller, do your homework. Get a referral. Call a few settlement agents. Find the right one for you. Some questions you can ask: how many title claims have you had in the last 24 months? have any underwriters terminated agency with you in the last 5 years? Do you have any consumer complaints in the last year? What is your ALTA license number?

If you are an Agent or Lender, make sure your referrals are solid by only using reputable settlement agents. Not just the ones with the best donuts or deepest expense accounts.

Costs are always a consideration, but so is quality. Balance the two and you will have a solid network of settlement agents to rely on.

Work with a Leader. Work with Mid South Title.

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