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US Home Sellers Get While the Gettin’s Good

Homeowners who held off on selling their home in 2022 as the housing market slowed missed out on a windfall and may have to settle for slimmer profits if they opt to sell this year.

What Is A Condominium Association?

Condominium Homeowners Association Explained Do you know what a condominium association is and how they work? As a Realtor who has been in the business for the past thirty-seven years, one of the questions I often get from buyers is what a condominium association is. W...

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

The Cost Of a Home Inspector Do you know the cost of a home inspection and whether it is worth it? Even though no one wants to spend more fees than they need to, saving money by not having your new home inspected isn't recommended. The home inspection report will revea...

Is a Vacant Home For Sale Harder to Sell vs. Occupied

Vacant Home For Sale vs. Occupied Do you have a vacant home for sale? Are vacant homes harder to sell? If you have the option of selling a home vacant or occupied, it only makes sense to consider which would be more advantageous. The sales process is always stressful. ...

Fewer Americans file for jobless benefits last week

The number of people seeking unemployment benefits in the U.S. reached a four-month low last week, a sign that employers are holding on to their workers despite the Federal Reserve's efforts to slow the economy and tamp down inflation.

Housing Overpriced by Sellers Lead to No Offers

Common Reasons For Overpriced Houses by Sellers Every week across the United States, overpriced houses are hitting the market. Overpriced homes lead to no offers. An overpriced house is usually easy to spot. For most people, a home is their most prized possession. Home...

11 Important Real Estate Social Media Predictions for 2023

With new social media changes come new creative marketing opportunities. Here are 11 social media predictions for 2023 that real estate agents need to know! 11 Important Real Estate Social Media Predictions for 2023 is just one of many great real estate strategies on T...

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